Vitamins for Pregnant Women

It is not ethical to prescribe medicine as vitamins for pregnant women in every case. Basically a pregnant woman can get their vitamins by taking of nutritious diet. Some pregnant woman cannot absorb enough vitamins and minerals from their regular foods. In that case they may need to take vitamins as a supplement and a supplement generally comes in the form of various medicines.

A pregnant woman should take extra nutritious food during pregnant period for balance of necessary vitamins. Vitamins means Folic Acid, Iron and Calcium should remain balance level in a pregnant woman. By taking of the following foods can help a pregnant woman for ensure of vitamins in a balance level.

 Vitamins for Pregnant Woman

List of Some vitamins for pregnant women:

Foods of Folic Acid:

Folic Acid is a vitamin B9 and is used to make the extra blood cell in body needs during pregnancy. It helps the body make healthy by preventing of fetal deformities, Alzheimer’s disease, and several types of cancer. Folic acid naturally found in some regular foods. Some of these mention in bellow for taking of idea about vitamins for pregnant women.


#Leafy Vegetables :  
To increase the volume of folic acid, consider adding more spinach, collard greens, kale, turnip greens and romaine lettuce into your daily diet.

#Citrus Fruits : 
Citrus Fruits rant is highest for considering of folic acid. Papaya, Oranges, Grapefruit, Strawberries, Raspberries are advance in this list.

#Beans, Peas and Lentils :
It gives usually 50% coverage of folic acid.

#Broccoli :
It covers 24% folic acid needs by taking of just 01 cup of Broccoli.

Corn is the popular food and it gives folic acid by 76% of your daily needs.

It gives you folic acid by 262 mcg of 01 cup boiled Asparagus.

#Seeds & Nuts :  
Folic Acid includes in Sunflower Seeds by 21% of ¼ cup, in Peanuts by 22% of ¼ cup, in Flax Seeds by 14% of 2tbs and in Almonds by 12% of 1 cup,

#Carrots :  
As a popular food, 01 cup raw carrot gives you almost 5% of your daily recommended needs for folic acid.

it supports approximately 22% of daily needs.

#Squash :
Adding squash in your daily diet for cover of deficiency of folic acid.


Vitamins for Pregnant WomanFood of Iron:

Iron naturally found in some animal and plant foods. Some of these mention in bellow for taking of idea about vitamins for pregnant women.

#Red Meat :
3.7mg iron count per 100gm

#Large Potatoes  :  
3.2mg iron count per 100gm

#Dark, leafy greens  :  
3.6mg iron count per 100gm(spinach, collards)

#Dried fruit :  
3.6mg iron count per 100gm(prunes, raisins)

#Iron-enriched cereals  :
1.5mg iron count per 100gm and grains

#Mollusks  :  
28mg iron count per 100gm (oysters, clams, scallops)

#Chicken Breast :  
1.1mg iron count per 100gm

#Beans, lentils, chick :  
4.2mg iron count per 100gm peas and soybeans

#Beef and Lamb Liver :  
5.8mg iron count per 100gm

#80 % Dark Chocolate :  
4.1mg iron count per 100gm


Foods of Calcium:

Calcium naturally found in dairy products, such as milk, cheese, yogurt etc. Some of these mention in bellow for taking of idea about vitamins for pregnant women.

#Cheese  :
350mg calcium count per 50gm

#Yogurt & Milk  :
248mg calcium count in 200ml glass

#Canned Salmon
232mg calcium in ½ can with bones

#Sardines :  
321mg calcium count in about 7 sardines fillets

#Spinach, Kale  :  
188mg calcium count in 2 cups raw (chopped) and Collard Greens

#Okra : 
77mg calcium count per 100gm

#Soybeans :
76mg calcium count per 100gm

#Fortified Orange Juice : 
500mg calcium count in 1 cup

#Fortified soymilk  : 
300mg calcium count in 1 cup

#Dark Leafy Greens : 
120mg calcium count per 100gm

Morally a physician can give appropriate supplement with the right amount of vitamins for pregnant women as a backup. Also take some prenatal vitamin a wise idea during pregnancy period for cover of deficiency of nutrition in pregnant woman’s diet.   In pregnancy period, some supplements are dangerous. Also, extra doses are sometimes risky. So consult your physicians to take decision about vitamins for pregnant women.

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