Pregnancy Symptoms

It will be the possible evidence of pregnancy symptoms observe in first time if women’s monthly regular menstrual period remains off by a week or more from the scheduled time. Without it, women are usually experienced many of the symptoms in the early stage of pregnancy. Now we are discuss here about some of other pregnancy symptoms.

Tender and Swollen Breasts in early Pregnancy:

Pregnancy Symptoms

Pregnancy Symptoms

Early in pregnancy breast may become expand with painful feelings. Vein on breast surface area might visible and the nipple of breast become darken with emerge in out. That means the body are preparing to milk making process for upcoming baby. Sometime wearing of some comfortable new bra that can be played important role for relieved this symptom.

Morning Sickness and Nausea :
Morning sickness is a common symptom of pregnancy. This symptom is observed not only in morning, it also experienced in evening hour. For the morning sickness symptom and the causes of hormone changes, women sometime experienced nausea problem in this time. Basically progesterone increased in high level due to hormone changes in body causes food digestion running slowly in stomach causes pregnant women become sickness and feel nausea problem.

Food Aversions by Strange Taste or Smell and Cravings:
During pregnancy, women are experienced by reluctant of feeding due to the smell counting feeling develop in strong level than previous time. In this time women feel apathy feeling by taking food and experienced strange taste in their mouth and they describe strange craving in new food. Basically pregnant women are losing interest in specific foods by the feelings of Food Aversions by Strange Taste or Smell and Cravings. Basically, women nose become sensitive during pregnancy. When women are experienced a pedestrian cigarette smell or other aroma in high sense then they can be acknowledge about the pregnancy they got. Actually it can be say that a women nose will be known about pregnancy by the sensitive snout in first stage of pregnancy.

Urination in Increased Level:
Early in the first trimester pregnant women experienced about urination in increased level. Urination may be increased due to produces of hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) hormone in blood cell. By increasing this hormone, women uterus become growing and the bladder obtain extra pressure, for that reason; women need to go to the bathroom frequently.

Fatigue is another common symptom during pregnancy. Early in pregnancy, progesterone hormone increases in blood cell and for that reason woman feel fatigue or tiredness during pregnancy. Except that, morning sickness and frequent urination also play the important role for tiredness in this stage. Every women different in physical condition and women experienced tiredness by the different physical condition during pregnancy.

Slight Bleeding during Pregnancy:
Bleeding in pregnancy doesn’t mean of its usual period. It can be happened when uterus positioned on the fertilized egg’s line near about early in the pregnancy. This type of bleeding is not at a greater rate, like menstrual bleeding. It’s generally occurs on the scheduled menstrual time by very little amount.

During pregnancy, baby’s development process continues in increasing level. For that cause, the blood pressure drops sometime in mother’s body. So, Pregnant women experienced by dizziness in pregnancy period.

Shortness of Breath:
Shortness of breath is known as a pregnancy symptom that occurs in the early of pregnancy. In this pregnancy time women cannot take breathe easily as usual time because of progesterone increases by hormone change into body. Basically during pregnancy, women need extra volume of oxygen for development of additional work into the body and for that reason women sometime experienced shortness of breath a little bit.

Constipation is a common pregnancy symptom by which pregnant women suffer early in pregnancy. Due to the progesterone hormone, food passing process to intestine become slowly after slow digestion; causes pregnant women experienced constipation during pregnancy. In this case physician suggested that drinking enough water, pregnant women can be relieved by this pregnancy symptom.

Mood Swings in Early Pregnancy:
At the early in pregnancy, pregnant women suffered by various symptom. Mood swings is one of the symptom that pregnant women experienced due to changes of hormone level. Because of hormone changes pregnant women affected by neurological attacked and for that cause they express anxiety in their natural behavior. So it would be say that mood swings is a pregnancy symptom which is commonly optimize to pregnant women during the early of pregnancy.

Weight Loss or Weight Gain:
Suddenly increased or decreased weight is known one kind of pregnancy symptoms. After conception women weight naturally goes down due to additional process in action into the body on the other hand some women experienced weight gain function due to hormonal changes activity continues into their body. So pregnant women should be managed the weight loss or weight gain function for better pregnancy.

Abdominal Enlargement (bloating):
Usually bloating happens before the menstrual period of women. Hormonal changes in early pregnancy also contribute to enlargement of women abdomen. By this abdominal enlargement symptom women’s wearing dresses would be more tight than usual at the middle of abdomen position. Also the uterus of women is become small than usual time. So women can be prepared for welcoming their upcoming baby by this pregnancy symptom at the first stage of pregnancy.

Positive Result in Home Pregnancy Test :
By positive result in home pregnancy test, women can preparation about pregnancy before starting baby’s development process into the body. Primarily for verification of pregnancy symptoms, positive result in home pregnancy test may be unique. Basically women take it by urine test to detecting of hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) hormone that produce placenta. If women follow this process carefully then mostly they will got perfect result by this test.

When women become sure that she is pregnant he felt worried and some of thought that they will lost their fashion. But this is wrong idea after pregnant they never lost their Pregnant women fashion if she is serious in her style.

Without the above symptom, there are many of pregnancy symptoms that are experienced our women early in the pregnancy. By these symptoms women got preparation for proper doctor’s advice to maintain the pregnancy safely. So women will be perfect idea about pregnancy symptoms while the miss-idea can be deteriorating of pregnancy.



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