Nutritional needs for pregnant women

Nutritional needs for pregnant women means the availability of vitamins and minerals that would be require pregnant women for body formation and bay’s development during pregnancy. Without perfect nutrition, pregnant women cannot elapse their pregnancy period healthily. A good nutrition helps to protect pregnant women by abnormal physical conditions and helps to baby’s development during pregnancy.

Nutritional needs for pregnant women

Nutritional needs for pregnant women

Most of health care provider says by the realization of nutritional needs that it will be given double feeding to pregnant women during pregnancy. It is not proved that double feeding fulfill the nutritional need always for pregnant women. To capture perfect nutrition from feeding, first need to know which kind of nutrition included in pregnant women feeding. So, pregnant women need to choose nutritious foods which have enough vitamins and minerals that need for healthy pregnancy.

Supplement of vitamins and minerals cannot support perfect nutrition to pregnant women. This kind of supplement can be given only as additional support for nutrition. By eating balance diet with some supplement of vitamins and minerals, pregnant women can get enough nutrients like calcium, folic acid, vitamins and minerals. One thing should to consider to pregnant women that over doses of supplement can be harmful for their body and for their baby’s development; it should never to take any supplement without consult a health care provider.

Pregnant women body has increased of nutritional needs due to hormone, physical and psychological changes occur in a large volume during pregnancy. Usually pregnant women fulfill their nutritional needs by taking of balance diet in regular basis. And a balance diet includes various kind of food that should be ensured perfect nutrition to pregnant women. In each food group, pregnant women should to select some vitamins and minerals enriched food by confirming of nutrition for healthy pregnancy. Here are some food group that to indicate the fulfillment of nutritional needs for pregnant women by ensure of vitamins and minerals in perfect level.

#Fruits and Vegetables Group
#Iron and Protein Foods Group
#Dairy Foods Group
#Grain Foods Group

Fruits and Vegetables Group:
All kinds of fresh fruits and vegetables are essential for good nutrients for pregnant women. Fruits provide plenty of vitamin A, vitamin C, iron, folic acid and a lot of potassium. On the other hand vegetables provide a big amount of magnesium with vitamin A & C. This kind of vitamins and minerals cover the nutritional needs for pregnant women. Before eating raw fruits and vegetable, it will better to wash and dry well and try to avoid uncooked frozen vegetables will better to eating for pregnant women.

Water melon, asparagus, mangoes, prunes, red or pink grapefruit, bananas, apricots, oranges, orange juice and many more fruits can be given to pregnant women for confirming of good nutrition.

Carrots, citrus, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, pumpkin, spinach, cooked greens like turnip greens, kale, beet greens and collards, winter squash, tomato sauces, red sweet peppers and many more vegetables can be given to pregnant women for confirming of good nutrition.

Iron and Protein Foods Group:
Iron and protein play an important role to builds the blood cell during pregnancy. Some plants have iron, like green leafy vegetables, wholegrain breads and cereal, legumes, etc. but pregnant women body can absorb a lot of iron which is found in better from animal products than the foods of plant products. Pork, lean red meat, chicken and fishes are good source of iron during pregnancy. Foods of this group contain vitamin B, zinc, folic acid, protein and iron.

Food of this group are indicate to Beans and many kind of peas like kidney beans, pinto beans, chickpeas, soybeans, white beans, lentils, nuts and various kind of seeds such as peanuts, sunflower seeds, pine nuts, almonds, hazelnuts, and peanut butter, Lean beef, lamb, and pork, oysters, mussels, crab, Salmon, trout, herring, sardines, and many more foods.

Dairy Foods Group:
Dairy foods cover the deficiency of calcium, vitamin A and D, potassium, protein and phosphorus to pregnant women body. This group’s food helps to build up baby’s bone and teeth during pregnancy. Pregnant women who are aversion to drinking milk, they can use as alternative of milk products like yogurt, cheese, etc.
Foods of this group are treated as pasteurized milk, calcium enriched soymilk, yogurt, cheese, etcetera. As daily diet, One cup of milk, one and half cup of natural cheese, two ounce of processed cheese can be covered nutritional needs for pregnant women during pregnancy.

Grain Foods Group:
That food is called grain food which food produces from rice, wheat, barley, oats or another cereal grain. Grain foods are good source of carbohydrate that is required for nutritional needs for pregnant women. The big amount of carbohydrate supply enough energy by iron and folic acid that need to pregnant women body and helps to baby’s growth during pregnancy.
Grain foods are indicate bread, pasta, rice, fortified cooked breakfast cereals, whole grain, etc.

Any kind of toxic items like alcohol, beer, cigarette, and soft drinks should to avoid in pregnancy is important to new formation of pregnant women body. During pregnancy, pregnant women body is formatted by new form with the upcoming baby. Taking this kind of toxic items prohibited to capture important nutrient from foods. It will be deteriorating for develop of baby’s mental formation if pregnant women take this kind of food in a large amount. So, due the existence of new baby into the mother’s body and by thinking about the nutritional needs of pregnant women, it should be abstain by taking such kind of toxic foods.

In the Early stages of pregnancy women need much Nutritional food for their health. If hormonal changes, physical changes and baby’s body & mental functions are not functioning properly then it to be realized that there is lack of nutrition in pregnant women body. In this case, it to be ensure that the fulfillment of nutritional needs for pregnant women by taking of vitamin and mineral enriched foods in regular basis. However, of pregnant women leading their lifestyle as per instruction of health care provider then they become achieve a healthier and nutrition enriched enhance pregnancy.


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