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Patient Question: I got married 3years back now I am 25years old. I am 4 months pregnant. My 3rd trimester is running. I experienced a very hard nausea during my first trimester for that reason I could not take my vitamins and folic acid. I cannot eat much now a days that why I lost a lot of weight. I have been lost my weight about 2.5 kg. MY previous weight was 52 kg and now my present weight is 49.5 kg. I cannot able to eat much as yet. Since I could not take my vitamins and folic acid due to nausea pregnancy can I take them now? I hope it’s not late.

Doctor Advice:  Nausea pregnancy or disgust is a common matter for pregnant women. Make positive to not prohibit your diet plan throughout maternity period. If you do it, you will not absorb the correct amounts of macromolecule, protein, vitamins, nutriment and minerals that are very necessary and important for your new unborn baby.
It is caused at the first stage of pregnancy. It causes nausea pregnancy when you smell or eat something unwanted. But excess nausea pregnancy will cause you dehydration and your baby lack of nutrition and you will feel weak and sick. For perfect advice immediately meet your doctor. But I will give you some small tips try to maintain that. Eat milk and milk made foods, you have to eat a lot of fruits try to have 6 to 7 smaller meals per day. Avoid deep oil fried food as much as you can. Does not work for a long time have rest whenever you are tired? During pregnancy you have to take a great care of you and your baby. Do not change your diet list that’s given by your doctor unless your baby will suffer from lack of nutrition. For a healthy baby folic acid helps a lot. You can take them if you want. Do not worry too much try to maintain your diet chart and you will regain your lost weight and have a regular meeting with your doctor.
Every pregnant woman can feel Morning sickness symptoms and nausea pregnancy. Now a day’s Morning sickness symptoms and nausea pregnancy are become common issues for pregnant lady. Most nausea pregnancy happens throughout the first a part of conception and most probably can subside currently that you simply have entered in to the 2nd semester. After nausea pregnancy your body might be change and you will feel tired or sickness & I also recommend you after nausea pregnancy you must be eat smell things Nausea is early conception problem and may be a condition that depends by your dynamic time when and what you eat. If your nausea is stable or running from your eating right and it will lose your weight and also your baby’s weight, then check with your gynecologist doctor right away.

Please try to keep obey these tips:
*Eat smaller, more and more regular meals
* Eat more than like as six to eight times small foods or meals per day as a substitute of three times per day
*Must be stay away from human being not including food for long periods of pregnancy time.
*Must be ignore greasy food, fried food, junk food and spicy food
*Must be Drink many of fluids food however not with or with your 6 to 8 times meal
*Always take rest when your are feeling tired. Although when you are working if you are feeling tired please you put your feet upon the chair and also sit back for a sometimes.

For your case, your weight loss is critical. And other different causes of your disgorgement and weight loss have to be compelled to be dominated out. You must to be Treatment and parental nutrition is also needed for you.

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