Healthy Breakfast for Pregnant Women

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. So the breakfast has to be healthy, especially for pregnant women while mom and unborn baby need to start a day by healthy and nutritious breakfast. Importance of healthy breakfast for pregnant women is classified by different classes. Everyday 300 extra calories need for develop of pregnancy. Healthy breakfast provides the extra calories and energy which is helps to ensure of healthy pregnancy and baby’s development.
Whole grains product like wheat toast or cereal, dairy foods, protein and fruit or fruit juice should be good healthy breakfast that can ensure of pregnant women nutrition. If women have enough time for taking hot and healthy breakfast then they consider making a yogurt green smoothie with fresh or dried fruit, an egg-white omelet, organic blueberries, whole grain toast and some fresh fruit.

Fresh Fruit for fiber:
As healthy breakfast, plenty of fresh fruits can be putted on breakfast dish for confirming of high volume of fiber. Fresh fruits include berries, bananas, oranges, melon and apples which are good source of fiber and vitamins A & C and it prevent of constipation and hemorrhoids of pregnant women. Vitamin, mineral, protein and fiber reached fruits such as a cereal with banana slice or mixture of fresh blueberries, yogurt, and chopped pineapple provides more energy and nutrition by eating as healthy breakfast for pregnant women.

Healthy Breakfast for Pregnant Women

Healthy Breakfast for Pregnant Women

Dairy Foods for Bone Health:
Healthy breakfast includes 1000 mg of calcium and dairy foods such as milk, yogurt and cheese confirm the calcium. Calcium is important for pregnant women because it helps to development of mom and baby’s bone, teeth, heart, nerves and muscles. A bowl of wholegrain cereal with low fat milk, yogurt with chopped nut provides high volume of calcium in breakfast meal.

Whole Grains Foods for Energy:
Whole grains are important for healthy breakfast by providing carbohydrates and ensure of energy, iron, B vitamins, folic acid, and fiber. Folic acid support the formation of baby’s blood supply and it helps to prevent spinal cord birth of defects. Whole-small piece prepared breakfast cereal also a good source of iron. Oatmeal, whole-grain cereal, whole wheat bread or pancakes and waffles made from whole-grain flours can be putted to ensure of healthy breakfast for pregnant women.

Protein and Iron:
Meat, poultry, seafood and beans should be considered as healthy breakfast for pregnant women. This food provides high volume of protein and iron. Protein and iron is essential for pregnant women and for the proper development of your unborn baby. Eating plenty of iron enriched food is essential during pregnancy. It will provide extra energy throughout the day for pregnant women if it has taken at morning as breakfast. Beef sandwich, iron cereal, even spinach and kale can be suggested to healthy breakfast for increasing of iron.

Pregnant women fall in sickness or dizziness without having healthy breakfast. Eating of irregular breakfast causes blood sugar plummets which make worsen to pregnant women. Pregnant women should avoid taking crackers or dry toast and tea as breakfast. These foods are tasty but not enough nutritious which extra volume essential for pregnant women. If women have not available time to take breakfast due to busyness for work then a bowl of iron fortified whole foods cereal, hard boiled eggs should them plenty of fiber and fortified with folic acid. It prevents the risk of certain neural tube defects of pregnant women. Healthy breakfast for pregnant women ensure proper nutrition that helps healthy pregnancy with developing of baby.

All the above it can be  said that new up coming mother  does not only take healthy breakfast he also must be use Lotion in her pregnancy time.

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