Exercise for pregnant women

Exercise for pregnant women is the symbol of healthy mom and healthy baby. All forms of happiness are hidden in health. And exercise is very important to keep good health. In particular, pregnant women are essential to keep good health by maintain of systematic standard exercise during pregnancy.

 What is systematic standard exercise for Pregnant Women?

Exercise for pregnant women

Exercise for pregnant women

During pregnancy, pregnant women spent very special moment in their life. In this time, they should do everything, something special than usual time. Especially on exercise, pregnant women should take some terms and conditions for taking exercise daily. Thus, making exercise in compliance with rules and condition called systematic standard exercise for Pregnant Women.

During pregnancy some exercises are harmful for health of pregnant women; while some of exercises play an important role to ensure the good health of pregnant women and their baby. Here we will discuss what safe exercises should take for good health and what else needs to be avoided as unsafe exercise during pregnancy.

Safe Exercises for Pregnant Women:

Walking the best Soft Exercise:
Walking is the best soft exercise for pregnant women. Walking plays a vital role of muscle massage. By walking in morning and evening, pregnant women can get fresh air from weather and it helps to get sound sleep in night. Pregnant women also perform this exercise by doing of their daily schedule work. To get best result from walk, pregnant women should start it slowly at organic area by wearing of comfortable shoes.
KEGEL Exercises or Pelvic Floor Exercises:
KEGEL exercise has been named, according to the name of the famous gynecologist MR. ARNOLD KEGEL in 1948. It is also known as pelvic floor exercises. By solving pelvic floor problems it also helps to easier birth system by solving of urinary and anal incontinence. By this exercise, pregnant women can strengthen their vaginal muscles that can also improve the sex life of pregnant women. Especially bladder leaks and hemorrhoids types of problem should be relieved by this exercise for pregnant women. Perform this exercise is easy to done at anywhere in suitable place.

Swimming the best safest Exercise:
Swimming is known as a safest and effective exercise for pregnant women. It is also plays a strong roll of pregnancy fitness. Swimming helps to feel cool and to support of extra weight of pregnant women. By swimming, pregnant women enjoying excellent heart rate and improving blood circulation in body and strengthen of muscles. It can be helps to relieving of morning sickness. For these reasons, many of our health care providers recommend it, as the best safest exercise during pregnancy.

Aerobics for Healthy Body and Healthy Baby:
Healthy body and healthy baby, this is based on the concept of aerobics exercises have appeared. It is also known as cardiovascular exercise. This kind of exercise is useful to the health of pregnant women both of before and after pregnancy. There are many types of secure exercise that are recommended by health care provider and aerobics is one of them, whom can be regarded as a safe exercise for pregnant women. By done of aerobics exercise regularly, pregnant women can increase their breathing system by exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide perfectly and it can reduce of excessive weight gain during pregnancy. However, it will better to consult with health care provider before taking this exercise during pregnancy.

Bicycling for reducing of Excessive Weight:
Generally bicycling is another safe exercise during pregnancy. It supports to reduce excessive weight and pregnant women become easiness of strain on ankles and knee joints. Pregnant women choose this low-impact form of exercise to minimize the risk of falls. On pregnancy time women body working hard by growing of baby and on that time high intensity exercise as bicycling can be recommended according to the instruction of health care provider. After all, pregnant women can choose this exercise if they can feel comfortable from it otherwise it can be avoided to be the right decision during pregnancy.
Yoga the Exercise with Meditation:
It is most popular exercise during pregnancy. Yoga not just an exercise, it also helps of meditation system to pregnant women. By performing yoga, pregnant women body stretching significantly; causes baby’s development increase randomly and also it can be relieving of pregnancy pains as well. Most of our practitioners recommended it’s all kind of forms without any hesitation because it is the most secure exercise during pregnancy.

Unsafe Exercises for Pregnant Women:

Intensity and Frequently Exercise:
Intensify that means high intensity or high impact exercise should be avoided in pregnancy. High impact aerobics, basketball, gymnastics are the high-impact exercise that are risky for pregnant women. Miscarriage or abortion can be occurred by taking of intensify and frequently exercising during pregnancy.

Horseback Riding and Water Skiing:
Any risk activities should be avoided during pregnancy in order to decrease the risk of injury and fetus problem. The risk activities include horseback riding, water skiing, gymnastics etc. This kind of activities do not support as exercise of pregnant women. For these risk activities, pregnant women can be fallen in trouble by miscarriage.

Abdominal Exercising:
Some abdominal exercising become worsens to pregnant women by weakness of muscle. So it will be better to consult with health care provider before taking of any kind of abdominal exercising.

After all, it’s impossible to imagine that how the benefits of exercising in good pregnancy. One thing to take note that, since pregnancy is an important time, so pregnant woman should be needed to take extra caution for exercising during pregnancy. Even exercise should not be taken, without consulting a doctor or health care provider. So the above perspective it to be say that exercise for pregnant women is very important; but it must be in accordance with the rules and in accordance with the instruction of the health care provider.


For doing exercise in the pregnancy period husband can buy dresses for pregnant women .If a women doing exercise regularly it will help to grow a healthy baby.

Not to use tight clothes and wear a comfortable bra should be good support to pregnant women for exercising. Try to take exercise in regular basis can be a recommended instruction for pregnant women; otherwise it can be dizziness, nauseous, fatigue and other malfunction symptom occurred for taking irregular or stop of exercising. By following these precautions, exercise for pregnant women can contribute effective role by ensure of mom and baby’s health.

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