Early Stages of Pregnancy

Early stages of pregnancy refer to the condition of first trimester of pregnancy.

Early Stages of Pregnancy

Early Stages of Pregnancy

Usually pregnancy is completed by 8-9 months. Women are passing their 8-9 months of pregnancy by different types of condition in different time. Early stages in pregnancy, baby is growing rapidly by using of moms energy. So, pregnant women should to deal with it elegantly which to be help of baby’s growth. Here, we will discuss, what else should be done early in pregnancy, when the pregnancy became an important part of life.

In early stage of pregnancy, women are became experience by various changes into their physical behavior. Basically pregnant women experienced the following changes in physical conditions during pregnancy. If pregnant women tackle this stage smartly then they would completed the pregnancy period pleasantly.

  • Women may feel tender or painful with swollen of breasts. This kind of changes starts at the early stage of pregnancy and to be continuing up-to the end of pregnancy;
  • Morning sickness and nausea is a usual physical behavior that might be attacked pregnant women during pregnancy;
  • Food aversions is a normal event of pregnancy by strange taste or smell and cravings;
  • Because of hormone change women are become urination in increased level during the early stage of pregnancy;
  • Basically, pregnant women suffered by fatigue due morning sickness, nausea and tenderness of breast in the early stage of pregnancy;
  • A low amount of bleeding is common physical that can be occurred initial level of pregnancy;
  • Early in first trimester of pregnancy, women suffered dizziness due to drop of blood pressure;
  • Sometimes pregnant women suffered by the deficiency of oxygen due to the pregnancy activities continues increasingly into the body, for this causes pregnant women often suffered by shortness of breath in pregnancy;
  • Pregnant women often suffer by constipation in the early stage of pregnancy due to produce of progesterone hormone in increased level;


After observing these changes into the physical behavior, women take some initiative for preparation of good pregnancy. To be considered early stages of pregnancy; making change in behavior can be played important role for good pregnancy.

This time women want to change some behaviors which were usually doing before concept of pregnancy. As changing behavior, women take some healthy food and avoid unnecessary medication for good support of baby’s development.

If women are practiced by taking of any addicted item like alcohol, cigarette etcetera; that should be change may be effective for good health both of pregnant women and their upcoming baby. It is not considered that what pregnant women were doing before; now, what are doing well that is considerations for better pregnancy.

This time pregnant women take that kind of initiative which will guided them about prolific healthy conditions up to the end of pregnancy. These can be –

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#Become Cheerful
#Maintain Lifestyle Schedule
#Exercising in Early Stage

Medication Guideline:
As early stages of pregnancy, it will very important to maintain health care provider’s instruction for caring of pregnant women health. A health care provider makes a check list for medication guideline of whole pregnancy period by thoroughly check-up of pregnant women physical conditions. The through check-up may be included by early ultrasonography pregnancy test, blood sugar (diabetes) test, hemoglobin test, hormonal test and many more tests. If pregnant women maintain the check list carefully then they got excellent healthy pregnancy without any question. It would be harmful for health function by taking any medication without consult of health care provider.

Eating Healthy:
Eating healthy good for pregnant women and upcoming baby by ensure of protein and vitamin into the body. During pregnancy, pregnant women body changes by various functions with the development of baby. As healthy food, pregnant women can take fruits, vegetable, meat, fish, egg, dairy items and many more foods. Without eating healthy food, pregnancy process can be defected into the mother’s body that will be hampered baby’s development as well. So, it would be confirmed to say that eating healthy, one of the vital early stages of pregnancy function that pregnant women must be followed strictly during pregnancy.

Become Cheerful:
Pregnancy for women is a different experience than usual. For that reason, pregnant women always suffered various anxiety and stress problem during pregnancy that would be deteriorating for health condition. In this stage, become cheerful thought can be helpful for pregnancy process with baby’s development. There are many of idea that would help to pregnant women by cheerful feelings. Some of this are- gift ideas, comfortable travel or celebrate a party in home condition. This type of initiative keep pregnant women refresh and cheerful in mentally and physically.

Maintain Lifestyle Schedule:
Up-to the final stage of pregnancy, pregnant women should be managing their lifestyle by a prepared schedule. That means, pregnant women’s feeding, working, exercising and other daily works should be maintained as per schedule. Since pregnancy is a sensitive period for every pregnant woman, for the reason, all of lifestyle works would be according to the schedule. It will be harmful for mother’s and baby’s health, if the lifestyle schedule not maintained properly. Initiative of early stages of pregnancy considered good health for both of mother and upcoming baby and maintain of lifestyle schedule support them excellent at all.

Exercising in Early Stage:
Good health refers to the good pregnancy in any stage. It must be needed exercise to remain good health throughout the pregnancy period. Pregnant women should be maintained some rules and regulation to get exercise during pregnancy. For pregnant women, some exercises are good for health, but some of other exercises are injurious to health. So exercises can be taken only as per instruction of health care provider, while some light exercise can be taken by own responsibility for their body fitness during pregnancy.In this time every women must be need to awareness about pregnancy symptoms.

It is well known that pregnant women body changes during pregnancy due to multifunctional activities continue with hormone changes inside the body. So, pregnant women should to maintain early stages of pregnancy function strictly for continuing of development activities. If pregnant women do not maintain early stages of pregnancy function properly then it would be prohibited of good pregnancy.

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