How can i do conceive for my another baby ?

Patient question: I am a pregnant patient. I am 30 years old. I am married woman and I have a children name Anoka and 4 years old. My husband and I also take a decision to take another baby but I am unable to conceive. I checked my sonographer report but the result was very normal and the tubes were clear. There are no any blockages. I was reserved below sentry through sonographer for an ovulation check. But the result was gero. I was found that the ovulation took place on the 18th day. But I am still not able to see any conceive symptom. But How can I do conceive for my another baby?

Doctor Solution:
This is very simple matter. You do not take to any worry. You have been trying less than one year. Conceiving is a long process. It often needs up to one year. Do not worry too much because that will harm the relationship between you and your husband. Try to keep your mind calm and quite because some times stees affect the process to conceive. Meet your doctor regularly have faith and be strong.

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