Best age for pregnancy

Patient Question:  I am 37 years and my wife is 3 years old and our married life between 2 years ago. After a few months we stopped using anykind of contraception.We have not used any contraception for one and a half year.

 But till now my wife did not conceive. I did a semen test and everything was normal like as, Volume: 0.99 ml, Reaction: alkaline,ph: 7.3, Fructose: 404 mg/ml, Total count: 69.99 million/ml. 19.99% spermatozoa are sluggishly motile,  44.99% spermatozoa are fully actively motile, rest of non motile, colors are: grayish white, viscosity are: viscous, Morphology : semen are show 79% to 89% normal spermatozoa, time of liquefaction : 37 mint. But now my wife does not want to meet the doctor.. She is mentally sick, as she says, she needs another 5 monts to recover that.But my wife is already 33 if she does not conceive now may be later she will have some complexity in her pregnancy. Could you advise me  what is the Best age for pregnancy and how can i convince my wife?

Doctors Advice:   To have a healthy child a women should conceive before 30 years and . The child could adopt some anomalies when the mothers age is 35 from that point of 33 is still considerable.  After 35  the rate of conceieve will decrease.You should have to help your wife to move a way from her fears for your happier future. Talk to her frankly and make her understand then start the IUI treatment. Have a happy life. Thanks

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